After being insulted, great solidarity with the Algerian star, Rabeh Madjer

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This happened, during a match that brought together the Algerian national team for the locals against the local Ethiopian team, on the grounds of the Nelson Mandela stadium, on Tuesday, in the municipality of Baraki, Algiers.

This is within the framework of the African Cup of Nations for locals “Al-Shaan”, which Algeria will host from January 13th to February 4th.

Madjer was keen to attend to encourage the new generation of local Algerian players, and to support Algeria in organizing this football event.

As soon as his picture was shown on the big home screen, boos erupted and the atmosphere of the game was overshadowed.

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On the other hand, signs of heartbreak and sadness appeared in the eyes of the player who made the glory of Algerian football in the eighties and nineties of the last century.

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Madjer left the stadium at the end of the match, refusing to make any statements to the press that addressed him.

Tweets in support of Majer

These scenes turned into a touching story on social media pages, and many athletes sought to rehabilitate the Algerian soccer star.

Algerian international player Djamel Belamri wrote: “It is a great shame that we hear boos against those who made Algeria’s glories.”

And he sent a message to Majer: “It is enough for you to be proud that you made glory for yourself and represented Algeria better, wherever you are.”

And the Greens striker, Islam Soleimani, wrote: “The real ones know very well that you are a legend, all appreciation to you.”

The solidarity campaign was not limited to athletes only, but also included artists, ordinary citizens and media professionals.

Former Algerian referee Mohamed Zakarini told Sky News Arabia: “I was present at the stadium, and it hurt me a lot because of the whistling and insulting of Majer, in front of Algeria’s foreign guests.”

Zakrini considered what happened as behavior caused by some teenagers who do not know Majer and his history.

The Algerian referee concluded: “Majer has honored Algerian football and sport, and although he has faced many problems as a coach since he retired from playing, he remains a legend that we all must respect.”

Rabeh Majer

Rabeh Madjer was born in Algeria on December 15, 1958, and throughout his athletic career he was able to win many titles. He is considered the first Algerian scorer in the World Cup, and the first Arab to win the European Champions League. He is ranked in the list of the 5 best players in Africa in the twentieth century, along with his countrymen Lakhdar Belloumi, George Weah and Roger Milla. Many Algerian sports pages on social media launched calls to honor the owner of the golden heel.

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