Basra Governor: In this case, the “Gulf 25” final will be canceled

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Since last night, the city of Basra has seen a large number of fans flock to the Basra International Stadium, which will host the final match of the “Gulf 25” championship between Iraq and Oman.

And the numbers increased on Thursday morning, causing large crowds of people to accumulate around the stadium, which confused the security authorities and the tournament organizers, especially with a number of injuries recorded among the fans.

In view of the complexity of the security and organizational situation around the Basra International Stadium, the organizing committee held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and determine the fate of the final match.

The governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani, says, “The Gulf championship went well during the past rounds, but because of the large crowds and the increasing numbers that flocked to the stadium for the final match, negotiations are currently underway with the organizing committee for the Gulf Cup tournament to remove the fans from the place, fearing for their safety in the first place.”

He added, “We have been informed that if the situation continues as it is in terms of mass stampede, especially in the event of deaths, the final match will be canceled and it will be transferred to another neighboring country.”

In an official statement, the governor of Basra appealed to the Iraqi fans to cooperate with the organizers and save the final match of “Gulf 25”, so that the appropriate conditions for the final are available.

Al-Eidani praised the great commitment shown by the Iraqi public throughout the days of the great Gulf event.

The Gulf fans are anxiously awaiting the fate of the “Gulf 25” championship, as there are great fears that the situation out of control could cause a real catastrophe that disturbs the great organizational success that the tournament has achieved since its inception.

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