Behtar movie.. Transforming the series “Al-Ushk Al-Munnu” after its showing 13 years into a cinematic work

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The series “Forbidden Love” topped the search indicators on Google Trend and social media platforms, 13 years after it was shown, as it is being transformed into the movie Behtar.

Behtar movie showtime

“Bihtar”, which is the name of the main female character in the work, which was dubbed in Arabic as “Samar” at the time of the show. In the following lines, “Al Intilaaqah News” monitors the story of the Behtar movie, its heroes and the date of its showing.

The heroes of the movie Bihtar

A number of the brightest stars will participate in the movie Behtar, most notably:

the wedding of Zeinab Abdullah. Boran Kuzum. Handa Ataizi. Helen Kandemir. Ebru Ozkan.

The artist, Farah Zainab, who is known in the Arab world as “Eileen”, embodies the character “Bihtar” or “Samar”, presented by the artist Beren Sat.

As for the role of “Bahloul” or “Muhannad”, which was presented by the Turkish artist Kivanc Tatlitug, the Turkish actor Boran Kuzum nominated him.

The actress, Handa Atayzi, was nominated to present the character of Firdous Hanim, or “Fayrouz Khanum,” which was presented by the artist Nebahat Jahri.

While actress Helen Kandemir will present the character “Nihal”, which was presented by Hazal Kaya.

And the character of Mademoiselle, presented by Zerrin Tekindor, will be presented by Ebru Ozkan.

Bihtar movie story

The story of the film Behtar takes place, within a social and suspenseful framework, in a different time period from the time period in which the events of the series took place. The film also tells the story of the series itself, but in an atmosphere that takes place in the year 1900, and it will be shown on one of the digital platforms.

Bihtar movie

The series “The Forbidden Love” is based on the novel “The Forbidden Love” by Halid Zia Ushakligil, written between 1899 and 1900. The novel was filmed as a series for the first time in 1970 in black and white in only 6 episodes.

In 2008, the series was re-filmed, and the work at that time achieved overwhelming public success, and won many awards, most notably the best drama series in the world.

Behtar movie showtime

The film Behtar, starring a number of big stars, most notably: Farah Zainab Abdullah, Boran Kuzum, Handa Atayzi, Helen Candemir, is scheduled to be shown in the coming period in all cinemas.

the wedding of Zeinab Abdullah

The actress Farah Zainab Abdullah, who was known in the Arab world as “Eileen”, embodies a character called “Behtar” or “Samar” in the events of the movie “Behtar”, which was presented by the artist Beren Saat.

Farah Zainab Abdullah is a Turkish actress, born on August 17, 1989, to an Iraqi father and a Turkish mother. She attended the French Lycee, then traveled with her family during high school years to Britain, and then continued her university studies in theater in London.

Bihtar movie story

The last work of the artist, Farah Zainab Abdullah, was the movie “Bergen”, whose story revolves around a framework of drama and music. The true story of the life of the singer, after whom the film is named, and her transition from a promising cellist to a world-famous singer. She was dubbed the “Queen of Arabesque” and gained wide fame and attention. She fought to continue performing and singing, despite her violent and tormented relationship with her husband. , and waiting for Bihtar’s movie to be shown.

Bihtar movie synopsis

The events of the movie “Behtar” revolve around businessman Adnan Bey Zyakiel, who decides to marry, 11 years after the death of his first wife, a beautiful young woman named Samar, who comes from a prestigious family younger than him.

Then “Samar” moves to live with “Adnan Bey” in his palace, and there she meets “Muhannad”, one of her husband’s relatives, the nanny for his children and some servants.

Then the events follow in the events of the movie “Behtar”, “Samar” falls in love with “Muhannad”, and finds herself in a state of conflict between this love and her relationship with her husband and his family, especially “Nihal”, and he loves her back, but in the end he decides to stay with “Nihal”. ”

Events continue in the movie Behtar, between hatred, betrayal and bankruptcy, and a forbidden relationship arises between Samar and Muhannad, which ends tragically, then the events follow in a social suspense framework.

The heroes of the movie Bihtar

It is noteworthy that the series “Forbidden Love” was the cause of the artist Beren Saat’s fame, and then the series “Fatima” was presented to her. As for Kivanc Tatlitug, the Arab public knew him as “Muhannad” from the series “Nour”, and after that he showed him a group of works, and he produced in 2008 and continued to show him. In Turkey until 2010, and in other countries, the show was shown in 2010 via MBC, and the movie Behtar is set to achieve overwhelming success with audiences.

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