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Blake Horstmann Discloses His Relationship With Becca Kufrin


In a new podcast interview, Blake Horstmann revealed that “I don’t want” the ABC franchise would see Becca Kufrin with him.

Blake Horstmann

Is Blake Horstmann the one who left Becca Kufrin?

Some Bachelor Nation fans wondered after ABC’s former Bachelor chose, in August 2020, to break up together after two years.

Becca will be in the Bachelor in Paradise this summer, where she will meet a new number of eligible men. One guy who keeps his eyes on Mexico’s beaches is Blake.

“They’re going to be interesting,” he discussed with Kate Casey on Aug. 20 Reality Life podcast episode. “So, you know, here and there we did some sort of chat. And in the last six months we were again in touch. And it kind of came down to whether or not she went to Paradise, you know?”

On 2018, Becca and Blake met for the first time in season 14 at The Bachelorette. In the final season, Becca ultimately gave Garrett her last rose, leaving Blake alone.

When Kate Casey, the host, asked him whether he would be able to reconcile with Becca, Blake was not against that concept.

Blake Horstmann Discloses His Relationship With Becca Kufrin

“I always felt they were never going to break up. So, like, I put her entirely out of my thoughts, “He explained. He explained. “It was never ‘when they break up’ because I never thought it would. It was never like that. When they did, it was like this strange thing, well, I wonder if anything is there still?”

The DJ has stated that “Of course, I’d be willing to chat. But we’re going to see how Paradise works since it goes to Paradise. And I don’t know. I don’t know. You know it can transform you and those manufacturers will get hold of you. I don’t enjoy the show. The show doesn’t want to see us all.”

Although the fans will have to wait to see whether these two cross over again, some Bachelor Nation supporters want Blake as the new Bachelor.

During RumHaven’s National Rum Day on Aug. 16, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbor Bachelor in the Paradise power couple offered their support to Blake.

“Blake would be wonderful,” Dylan told E! News about the new path. “He’s a funny man. He’s a humorous guy. Now we are boys. We’re in a group text chat. He’s funny. He’s funny. He wants to be in a connection.”

Hannah continued, “I feel he has gone quite a way on that show, so I guess that if he wanted to do it again, the ball would be in his court.”



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