Celebrity Personal Assistants

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Cardashian Khloe
Kim turned out not to be the only Kardashian to take Simple Life. “I was Nicole Richie’s assistant,” Khloe told Simon Huck during an October visit on his emergency contact podcast, reminding him of how first he first about Nicole and Jonathan Cheban, then a journalist and family friend. “I went with her to school,” added the Good American co-founder. “She was one of my greatest friends, so we truly were close. And then, when Simple Life began—I suppose that it was near the end after Simple Life—she wanted only some help, and I needed a job.”

Personal Assistants

Williams Allison
Hey nerds! Hey nerds! Who has two thumbs and once served as assistant to Tina Fey? It’s the actress who probably profited from the lengthy association of Dad Brian Williams with his NBC comrade, who performed with the 30-rock maker while she was breaking off at Yale for her studies.

Personal Assistants

I was Tina Fey’s second assistant in the summer, shooting both Baby Momma and 30 Rock; I was the utilities at the Boardwalk Empire piltograph directed by a young, emerging Martin Scorsese,” Allison shared on her fortune-filled Happy Sad Confused podcast of having entirely positive industry experts. “I was on girls then.”

Personal Assistants

Lower Katie
The career ascension of the actress proved to be terrible news for Connie Britton, who hoped that Katie may work for her son Eyob in 2011. “I wanted her so badly and my assistant to be my nanny,” Connie told Katie’s babysitter page Six. “She’s such a beautiful human being and I remember talking. She helped me with my son, who was just a baby at that time. Then, she said, ‘In this program called Scandal I got cast.'”


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