“Gulf 25″… Two dead and two injured before the Iraq and Oman final

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A medical source, who preferred not to be identified, told Agence France-Presse: “Two people died, while about dozens of others were slightly injured, as a result of a stampede among thousands of fans who did not carry cards and wanted to watch the match that starts at 7 pm (16:00). 00 GMT).

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, arrived in Basra and held a meeting with the leaders of the province after the stampede.

Al-Sudani addressed a speech to the Iraqis, in which he said: Our people in Basra Al-Fayhaa, and in all the cities of Iraq, thanks to your kindness, generosity and patience, you have reflected the bright and spotless image of the proud face of the Iraqis. You have contributed over the past days to representing our dear country in the best way, in a way that befits its history and its position among nations.

And he added: “Our people, we hope that you will today that keenness and that high patriotic spirit and provide assistance and support to all your brothers in the concerned authorities to show the final of the Gulf Championship 25 in the most beautiful way.”

For his part, the governor of Basra said: “If the stampede continues, the final match of the Gulf 25 may be transferred outside Iraq.”

The Basra International Stadium in Iraq will host the last matches of the “Gulf Cup 25” between the Iraqi national team and its Omani guest, in the title challenge.

A short successful journey that the two teams took, each of them played 4 matches until reaching the final, during which they did not know the taste of losing.

The two teams in Group A defeated Yemen and Saudi Arabia, so that Iraq took the lead, on goal difference from Oman, after each of them scored 7 points.

In the semi-finals, Iraq defeated Qatar with two goals to one, and Oman overcame Bahrain, the defending champion, by winning with a clean goal, to repeat the opening confrontation, but in the final match.

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