Gulf Final 25… A historic challenge between Iraq and Oman

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A short successful journey that the two teams took, each of them played 4 matches until reaching the final, during which they did not know the taste of losing.

duplicate encounter

• The opening match witnessed a strong confrontation between Iraq and Oman at Basra Stadium, but the match ended in a goalless draw, making it the only meeting during which the two teams failed to achieve victory during the tournament so far.

• The two teams in the first group defeated Yemen and Saudi Arabia, so that Iraq took the lead, with a goal difference from Oman, after each of them scored 7 points.

• In the semi-finals, Iraq defeated Qatar with two goals to one, and Oman overcame Bahrain, the defending champion, by winning with a clean goal, to repeat the opening confrontation, but in the final match.

Historical confrontations

• The first meeting between the two teams was in 1976 in the Gulf Championship 4 and ended with a sweeping victory for Iraq by a clean four. Then, supremacy was repeated in the second confrontation between them in the Gulf 5 tournament in 1979, and the Lions of Mesopotamia won by seven clean.

• The two teams played 10 matches in the Gulf Championship, during which Iraq won 4 victories, attended a draw in 4 confrontations, and Oman won only twice.

• The biggest victory for the Omani team was achieved in 2009 in the 19th Gulf Championship, when it defeated the Iraqi team by four goals.

• The last confrontation between the two teams ended in a goalless draw in the opening of the Gulf Cup 25 this year, amidst the steadfastness of Oman in front of the enthusiasm of the hosts in the launch of the tournament.

Iraqi surprise

• Spain’s Jesus Casas, the coach of the Iraqi national team, said in the pre-match press conference that he was seeking to surprise Oman by not revealing any information about his team, the formation of the match, or his knowledge of the opponent.

• Jesus added: “The opening match against Oman did not witness many chances, but we succeeded in analyzing the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses well.”

• The coach of the Iraqi team expressed his full confidence in all the players of his team before the final match, and considered himself lucky to work with them, hoping to celebrate the title with them on Thursday evening.

break the rule

• On the other hand, the Croatian Branko Ivankovic, coach of Oman’s national team, confirmed that his team’s goal is to break the norm in the Gulf Championship.

• Branko said in the press conference: “I aspire to break the rule of losing the guest to the landlord in the final. The Iraqi fans will certainly support his team in the match, but we will also feel excited about their presence.”

• The Croatian coach considered the Oman team the best in the tournament and the team that deserves the title in the end, indicating that he studied the semi-final confrontation between Qatar and Iraq well, to know how to face the hosts.

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