In the video, an Egyptian referee eliminates a goal, using his phone instead of the “mouse”.

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The match, which was held in the 22nd round of the Cairo group, witnessed the funny incident that caused a crisis in the stadium, in the absence of the video assistant referee (VAR) technique.

The result indicated that the Suez team advanced 2-1, and in the last minutes of the match, Al-Nasr scored the equalizing goal, but the opponent’s players and coaching staff objected to his health.

The match referee, Mohamed Farouk, used his mobile phone to watch the replay of the goal, as the match was broadcast live, and then decided to cancel it after the match stopped for about 15 minutes.

Al-Nasr Club’s Facebook page published the incident, describing it as a “scandal”.

And he wrote on the club’s page: “In the video, the scandal of the referee, Mohamed Farouk, confirms the validity of the second goal of victory in the goal of the Suez national team via mobile, and decides to cancel the goal illegally and in violation of the regulations.”

In the last moments, the Suez national team scored the goal of reinforcement, to settle the match, 3-1.

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