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Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik is updating her social media followers on her health after testing positive for COVID-19.

The star announced her diagnosis via her official Instagram account on Monday and then directed people to the Instagram account for her Bialik Breakdown podcast, where she offered more details on her symptoms. Bialik wrote in her caption that she is both vaccinated and boosted.

“It’s very, very exhausting,” she said of having COVID. “The exhaustion is very special. I had mononucleosis in college, and the exhaustion hits like that, where you cannot be awake. You can try to be awake, but all of a sudden, you need to sleep.”

Representatives for Jeopardy! did not immediately respond to a request for comment on how the diagnosis would affect Bialik’s shooting schedule for the show. She had been alternating with fellow host Ken Jennings.

In her post, the 46-year-old Blossom alum went on to say that she is “feeling a whole bunch of regret that I ever took my mask off, ever, in the world, like even outside.” She continued, “I’m just putting this out there: I’m feeling a lot of fear. Like why did I ever go out? Why did I think that anything was fine, ever?”

Bialik added that she is immunocompromised, as she suffers from asthma and a thyroid condition, and also mentioned feeling some chest tightness. “It’s no joke,” she said about the symptoms.

On Tuesday, she posted a follow-up video update to her podcast account, where she said still doesn’t “have a ton of energy” but that her condition had improved. “I’m feeling a little bit better,” Bialik said. “Still some congestion. A little less exhausted yesterday which was a nice treat to not have to sleep as much as I felt like sleeping.”

Bialik said that her 16-year-old son, the eldest of two, is still battling COVID-19 as well.

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