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Kylie Jenner’s Motherhood Quotes


Look to the future
“I don’t believe my life has changed from becoming a mother: I think the way I look at life has changed since I became a parent,” Kylie told Vogue Australia, when Stormi Webster and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi were 6 months old, in an interview published in a September 2018 issue of the magazine. “More of the future, I guess. I used to live as it came every day, and now I look to the future. Actually, I feel like after Stormi, I love myself more. And I try to be… I mean, I’m a positive person already, but I have fun and I’m positive already.”

 Motherhood Quotes
“Belle Moments”
“Creating life was one of the most wonderful moments of my life,” Kylie stated in an August 2018 video of Vogue Australia. “It’s difficult to explain why. You understand it only when you have lived it.”

 Motherhood Quotes

Another girl? Another girl?
When Stormi was 8 months old in October 2018, Kylie stated about Snapchat, “Will I have another baby? I desire a new baby, but ‘When?’ is the question and I surely aren’t ready right now. And I don’t know when I’m going to be, but I’d love to share it with you guys if I did.”

She went on, “Did I think about my future baby’s baby names? I got, but I didn’t find anything I adore. But I certainly want a “Best Woman I Can Be”
Kylie recognized Stormi in March 2019 on International Women’s Day by stating on Instagram “This little girl motivates me every day to become the greatest woman I can be.””

Motherhood Quotes

“A Young Mom”

“I always knew I wanted to be a young mother,” Kylie said in March 2019 to Interview Germany. “I remember people asked, ‘You’re ready for it?’ And I always thought that I was ready, but until after you have a child you don’t know what love and feel is like. She comes before me so much to take in when I’m young, but I believe that I’m absolutely made for this and that she’s altered my life for the better.”

Motherhood Quotes

Dear Travis… Dear Travis…
In May 2019, on Instagram, Kylie said to Travis Scott, “It was so wonderful to watch you blossom into your partner, friend, son and father. My true existence was all wrapped up in one. I love you. I’m very proud of you. I love you. Happy Happy birthday. Happy Happy birthday. Let’s just f-k around and have a new baby.”

Motherhood Quotes

Appreciation of Mom
“When I became a mother, my attitude on life changed totally, and I looked at my mother and appreciated all that she did for me,” Kylie told Harper’s Arabia Bazaar in an interview in July 2019. “Now I can see how she feels about me, how she loves me, and how powerful her love for all her kids is due of my obsession with Stormi.”

Post-baby fighting
“I have fought my whole young adult life with anxiety, and with my baby I’ve been dealing with all the ups and downs. I felt like I had to fully find myself, “In July 2019, when Stormi was 17 months old, Kylie posted on Instagram. “My life is not ideal and only the surface is what you see here on the social media. Be compassionate, move on and let go of yourself.”

Not ready yet for baby No. 2
In October 2019, Kylie told a fan-question about her Instagram story, “I can’t wait for more kids. But not quite ready.”

Motherhood Quotes

No baby speaking
“I talk like an adult to her and tell her it all!!” In October 2019, Kylie told her story of Instagram about communication with Stormi, then 20 months old. “She was too young to talk even. They are small sponges. Then flash cards!!”

“Time for Special”
Kylie reflects on her pregnancy with Stormi in October 2019 and writes on Instagram, “Baking my baby Storm was so wonderful in my life.
I’ve become so much stronger and independent during the whole experience. Women are absolutely awesome.”

“Forever Life Changed”
“Feb. 1st 4:43 pm,” Kylie tweeted alongside a series of throwback photos about Instagram on Stormi’s second birthday in February 2020. “The time my life was forever changed. We’ve been designed to stormillo for each other.”

Baby No. 2 Pressure
“My friends press me all [having another child],” Kylie told Harper’s Bazaar in an interview in February 2020. “They love Stormi. They love Stormi. I certainly feel pressure for a sibling to offer her, but there’s no plan for it.”

“God Made No Errors”
Kylie revealed in a back-scene video of her and the Vogue Czechoslovakia cover of Stormi in June 2020, “I love this kid so much I want to burst.” “Sometimes I only look at her and cry because she will never again be that small. Who knew so little would take up most of your heart. God didn’t make mistakes with you Baby Storm.”

“Thanks to God”

“Thank God for sending me that tiny soul,” Kylie wrote to Stormi in February2021 in his third birthday homage. “Today I cry because I can’t stop it.”

“These are all the small things that I’ll miss, such as your cute voice and our long potty discussions,” Kylie concluded. “The finest part of these previous several years was watching you experience it all for the first time. However, on the other hand I am delighted to see you grow up into the most special lady I know you are going to be and all the wonderful things I know you are going to do.”

Its legacy
“Stormi is my legacy,” Kylie said in May 2021 to tmrw magazine. “I raise her to be intelligent, friendly and driven. Perhaps one day she will take over Kylie Cosmetics.”

“Only if she want to,” she added.

The star of reality also remarked, “My mother has done a pretty amazing job of parenting us, so I think I want to give this to Stormi, therefore I want to be strong and independent.”

The Love Look
“I hope that Stormi will look at me like my mother,” Kylie remarked in July 2021 in connection with the second episode of Inside Kylie Cosmetics. “I’ve become my second nature to be a mom.”



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