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Thor: Love and Thunder struck Hollywood Thursday for the world premiere of the latest Marvel Studios film, and the first reactions are in.

Official reviews do not hit until July 5, so this is the first glimpse of what audiences are saying. It’s worth noting that reactions from premieres generally lean more enthusiastic than from critics’ screenings.

The project reunites Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker Taika Waititi with star Chris Hemsworth for a tale that pits Thor against Gorr the God Butcher, a villain played by Christian Bale that is determined to wipe gods out of the galaxy. Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster returns to the franchise for the first time since Thor: The Dark World (2013) and this time around will wield the power of Thor. The film also stars Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and actors from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, including Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista.

Love and Thunder comes as the Marvel brand has expanded into streaming with Disney+, with multiple series landing this year, including the currently streaming Ms. Marvel. On the big screen, the studio released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness less than two months ago, with the project standing behind Top Gun: Maverick as the second highest-grossing film of the year to date. The studio also has Black Panther: Wakanda Forever due out on the big screen later this year.

Love and Thunder arrives in theaters July 7.

Read on for reactions from the premiere.

Another classic Thor adventure! #ThorLoveAndThunder is everything I wanted it to be. Big, colorful, weird Guns N’ Roses-fueled battles to go w/ a hopelessly romantic story about discovering love in unexpected places. Christian Bale & Russell Crowe are especially great. And Korg!

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) June 24, 2022

I saw #ThorLoveAndThunder. It can’t quite match the visual or comedy bombast of Ragnarok, but Taika Waititi makes up for it with an emotionally mature Marvel movie. It’s also very funny (Natalie’s got jokes) and features one of the most stunning visual sequences in MCU history.

— Jake (@jacobkleinman) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder gets better when it’s not trying to desperately recapture the magic of Ragnarok. Most of the humor doesn’t land as well as it did the first time, but Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, & Christian Bale do the best with it.

More coming soon to @DiscussingFilm

— Andrew J. Salazar (@AndrewJ626) June 24, 2022

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER is a rockin’ great time with electrifying action, lots of laughs (the screaming goats!) & a profound story on absent gods & our desire for love. Natalie Portman makes a mighty return & Christian Bale slays it as the terrifying Gorr. The best Thor film yet!

— Matt Neglia @Tribeca (@NextBestPicture) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder is the GREATEST movie Marvel has made so far! I’m not joking. I haven’t laughed that hard since Ragnarok and I feel invested in Marvel again in a way that I haven’t since Endgame. Also, bring tissues. The journey is *chefs kiss* from start to finish!❤️

— Lyra Hale 🔜 SDCC (@TheAltSource) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder  surpasses all expectations balancing absolutely bombastic insanity with moving character driven stories. Christian Bale is top tier and Natalie Portman is truly outstanding. Waititi may have just delivered the MCU’s best movie of Phase 4 #ThorLoveAndThunder

— Caitlin Tyrrell (@caitlin_tyrrell) June 24, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder is a fun, tight, and largely self contained Marvel adventure. If not quite as much of a surprise as Ragnarok, this is more evidence that Taika Waititi knows how to make Thor a blast. Heart/humor mix again to make for a real good time. #ThorLoveAndThunder

— Joey Magidson (@JoeyMagidson) June 24, 2022

However, you can’t be that breath of fresh air twice, so you need to up the emotional connection to the characters and the plot. See the Guardians movies. #ThorLoveAndThunder tries but can’t quite hit it, and comes across as weirdly restrained, which is a shame.

— Kaitlyn Booth (@katiesmovies) June 24, 2022

holy shit. #ThorLoveandThunder  is the perfect blend of taika at his best with comedy and a punch to the gut all in one. i left this movie emotionally satisfied while also sobbing and just perfection. we stan a dad rock soundtrack. in the words of my new favorite characters: AHH

— it was rachatha all along (@RachelLeishman) June 24, 2022

If you, like me, take delight in watching Christian Bale slurp up the scenery while gobbing out that black ink Danny DeVito had in Batman Returns, then #ThorLoveAndThunder is for you.

— Joanna Robinson (@jowrotethis) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder is a vivid and vibrant blast that delivers. Hemsworth’s Thor remains a jewel in Marvel’s crown. Bale’s Gorr is a killer boogeyman blending the campy and the creepy. Portman’s Foster and Thompson’s Valkyrie are a top notch pairing. Crowe’s Zeus is *chef’s kiss*

— Simon Thompson (@ShowbizSimon) June 24, 2022

Wow!! #ThorLoveandThunder is great! The best entry in Phase 4 behind Shang-Chi and No Way Home. I laughed. I cried. Then I laughed and cried some more, in that order. Natalie Portman is FINALLY given her due. Dr. Jane Foster is more than worthy of being the Mighty Thor.⚡️

— Kirsten (@KirstenAcuna) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder has an Appetite For Destruction & laughs. It’s totally rad! Taika Waititi delivers a subversive, irreverent spectacle. Great story, stakes & character-building. Chris Hemsworth & Natalie Portman, superb.Russell Crowe & Christian Bale slip easily into the world

— Courtney Howard (@Lulamaybelle) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder is the funniest film in the MCU. The jokes are excellent as is the cast delivering them.

Christian Bale, obviously, is also terrifying as #Gorr

BUT, the plot felt flat and stakeless. Not sure if that’s a #Thor problem or an MCU-without-a-big-bad problem.

— Eric Italiano (@ericitaIiano) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder is predictably hilarious yet unexpectedly personal and heartfelt. Christian Bale and Natalie Portman’s performances truly shine while Waititi delivers an emotional story. I think this may be my favorite Thor movie.

— Richard Nebens – The Direct (@RichardNebens) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder is everything great about comic book movies! Truly hilarious insanity, heart wrenching tragedy, and bombastic action! Visually stunning and one of the best MCU soundtracks. The entire cast is fantastic, but Christian Bale and Natalie Portman are phenomenal!

— The Illuminerdi (@The_Illuminerdi) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder is a solid take on the Mighty Thor comics — it’s great to see Natalie wield the hammer and all that comes with it. Christian Bale is a top tier MCU villain and Chris/Tessa are great as always. Another Taika win with humor, heart & a can’t miss credits reveal.

— Brian Particelli (He/Him) (@BrianParticelli) June 24, 2022

#ThorLoveAndThunder is absolutely AMAZING. It blows every other Marvel movie out of the water, and doubles down on the Ragnarok charm. A classic @TaikaWaititi joint, so many laughs and tears, with a moving narrative and beautiful visuals. And those post credits? OH MY GOD.

— therese lacson (@bamfpire) June 24, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder is so very Taika Waititi! It’s wild, hilarious, action packed, & even dark. Christian Bale is phenomenal as Gorr and Tessa Thompson crushes it! Get ready to love those goats! Not enough Guardians (I’m bias on that). Mid credit is FIRE! #ThorLoveAndThunder

— Tessa Smith – Mama’s Geeky (@MamasGeeky) June 24, 2022

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