Luka Doncic’s halftime buzzer beater erased, sets up crazy swing in game between Mavericks, Nuggets

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A unique situation occurred during the contest between the Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets on Sunday night. Mavericks guard Luka Doncic drilled a shot from long range right before halftime. The shot was reviewed during halftime and it was determined that Doncic stepped out of bounds prior to releasing the ball. So, Doncic’s shot didn’t count, and two seconds were added back to the clock. 

By the time the made shot was overturned, all the players were in their respective locker rooms for halftime, so the final two seconds of the first half were played directly before the start of the third quarter when the players returned to the court from the locker rooms. In those two seconds, Nuggets forward Vlatko Cančar drilled a 3-pointer from beyond half court. 

You can see the evens unfold below: 

With Doncic’s triple off the board, and Cančar’s basket, that’s a six-point swing in a matter of seconds. The Nuggets went on to win the game by one, 98-97. The outcome of a game can’t be pegged on a single play, but that swing certainly had a major impact on this particular contest. 

For what it’s worth, Doncic doesn’t seem to think that his made shot prior to the half should have been erased. “I saw some videos. It doesn’t seem like it even touched the line,” Doncic said after the game. “My heel was up.”  

On the other side of things, here’s what Cančar had to say about the shot: 

While the shot — and thus the game — was a memorable one for Cančar and Denver, it’s one that Doncic and Dallas will probably want to forget. The two teams will meet again in a couple weeks — on Dec. 6 at Denver. 

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