Nine Perfect Strangers & Other Cult Obsession Shows

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Nine Perfect Foreigners
An excent treatment wellness retreat?? Before joining up, let’s pause. Leader Masha Dmitrichenko from Tranquillum House (Nicole Kidman) seems to conceal a terrible history and maybe even darker future as she persuades a body of misfits to “give up,” according to her ways.

Nine Perfect Strangers are now on Hulu watch.

Nine Perfect Strangers & Other

The Voice

Documents of HBO Max The Vow reveals a story that is nearly too horrible to think: charismatical leader Keith Raniere of the so-called NXIVM group was convicted of trafficking in sex, identity theft and other offenses in 2019. Survivors and former elites of the NXIVM relate their stories.

The Vow runs on HBO Max.

Seduced: The NXIVM Cult Starz took up the NXIVM cult with the eyes of India’s leading Oxenberg, who produced the docuseries as well.

Seduced: Amazon Prime Video is offered inside the NXIVM Cult.

Nine Perfect Strangers & Other

The FBI and the Davidian Branch in Waco, Texas, are fictionally recreating the catastrophic 51-day clash in the core of the 2018 Netflix miniseries, with Michael Shannon as a sympathetic agent and Taylor Kitsch as the head of the commune, david Koresh.

Waco is Netfix accessible.

Nine Perfect Strangers & Other

Leah Remini: The aftermath and scientology
Actress Leah Remini describes how she escape Scientology and interviews other former A&E members.

Leah Remini: Netflix is available in Scientology.

A American Myth: Helter Skelter
At the core of this six-part Epix miniserial, which premiered in 2020, are Charles Manson and his “family.”

Amazon Prime Video is available for Helter Skelter: American Myth.

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