Ramses Paris, its story, its heroes, and its release date in 2023

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Comedy movie lovers in Egypt and the Arab world are waiting for a show Ramses Paris moviestarring Haifa Wehbe and a number of the brightest stars, which is scheduled to be shown in the coming period.

The story of the movie Ramses Paris

For its part, the company that produced Ramses Paris, starring Haifa Wehbe, released the first teaser poster for the work, in preparation for showing it in cinemas during the upcoming Eid Al-Fitr season 2023, as the producing company started the advertising operations for the film early, and is preparing to launch the first promo in the coming days.

The story of the movie Ramses Paris

Spin a story Ramses Paris movie In the context of a light comedy about the transfer of a group of Egyptians from Ramses to Paris because of a piece of hashish, a certain spell was read on it, and whoever drinks from it finds himself in another country, and after the heroes of the work gather in France, they decide to form a gang to steal the Mona Lisa painting from the Louvre Museum while they are in disguise.

The heroes of the movie, Ramses Paris

Participate in a tournament Ramses Paris movie A number of the brightest stars, most notably: –

Haifa Wehbe. Mustafa Khater. Hamdi Al-Mirghani. Mohammed Tharwat. Mohamed Salam. Mahmoud Hafez. Os Os. Samira Maqron. Written by Karim Hassan Bashir. Produced and directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa and Raymond Ramses. The heroes of the movie Ramses Paris The date of the movie Ramses Paris

Show is expected Ramses Paris movie Starring Haifa Wehbe, Mustafa Khater, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Mahmoud Hafez and a number of the brightest stars, in the upcoming Eid Al-Fitr season 2023.

Haifa Wehbe

The star, Haifa Wehbe, plays the character of a simple popular girl named “Haneen”, who finds herself in Europe, and cannot absorb that shock, and with the succession of events she discovers that there is a magic tool that transports people from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

She was recently shown the movie “Ghosts of Europe”, whose story revolved around the existence of a conflict with a criminal gang that trades in antiquities, and is confronted by three parties combined in the artists Haifa Wehbe, Mustafa Khater and Ahmed Al-Fishawy, confronted by the artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, who embodies the personality of the gang leader, while Bassem represents Samra played a pivotal role in confronting the two parties for his personal interest.

A number of the brightest stars participated in the movie Ghosts of Europe, most notably:

Haifa Wehbe. Ahmed Al-Fishawy. Mustafa Khater. Bassem Samra. Abbas Abu Al-Hassan. Karim Farouk’s story. Screenplay and dialogue by Amin Gamal, Muhammad Abu Al-Saad, and Sherif Yousry. It is directed by Mohamed Hamaki.

Haifa Wehbe’s latest dramatic work was the series “Black Fateh” starring Ahmed Fahmy, Sherif Salama, Sabri Fawaz, Rogina, Moatasem Al-Nahar, Firas Saeed, Ahmed Al-Shami and Rania Mansour, and a number of the brightest stars, written by Amin Gamal, Sherif Yousry, Ibrahim. Rabih and Hamdi Al-Tayeh, directed by Karim El-Adl, and awaiting the screening of Ramses Paris.

Hamdi Al-Mirghani

The artist, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, embodies during the events of the movie Ramses Paris the character of a comic magician who falls into many situations, and his life turns upside down after an accident he is exposed to, in the context of a comic light.

In the same context, the artist Hamdi Al-Mirghani confirmed that he is very happy to participate in the movie My Brother Above the Tree with Ramez Jalal, as he embodies, during work events, the character of a lawyer who is exposed to many comic situations.

My Brother Up the Tree movie

The story of the movie My Brother Above the Tree takes place in a comic framework. The work tells the story of the introverted young man, Alaa, who lives a healthy and organized life, but the entry of his twin, Baha, who was unaware of his existence, turns his life upside down, falls in love with Nasreen Tafesh, and is waiting for the movie Ramses Paris to be shown.

A number of the brightest stars will participate in the “My Brother Above the Tree” tournament, most notably:

Ramez Galal. Tara Emad. Nisreen Tafesh. Mohammed Tharwat. Bayoumi Fouad. Hamdi Al-Mirghani. Written by Loay Al-Sayed. And directed by Mahmoud Karim

The last work of the movie “I Love You” was starring a number of the brightest stars, most notably:

Tamer Hosny. here ascetic. Medhat Ismail. Huda Mufti. Amr Sahsah. Ahmed Azmy. Al-Shater testified. Alia Rashid. Directed by Tamer Hosny. Mohamed Salam

While the artist Mohamed Salam appears in the events of the movie “Ramses Paris” as a thief, he tries to steal a car at the beginning of the events of the film in order to transport drugs through it.

Film Ramses Paris Mahmoud Hafez

The star, Mahmoud Hafez, also embodies the role of a boxing player, as part of the work.

Ramses Paris movie

Events are discarded The movie “Ramses Paris” On a number of points:-

It is about a box that contains a magical tool that can transport the person who uses it from Egypt to France. And things turn upside down when the box is found by a group of people who find themselves in the French capital, without understanding what happened with them, and try to return again. Then the events follow, and an antiquities inspector in a museum comes and is responsible for a mission to restore an archaeological area, and reveals one of the young men who found the box.

And promise Ramses Paris movie Haifa Wehbe’s fourth cinematic work as an actress, after the movie “Dokan Shehata”, which was shown in 2009 and the movie “Halawet Rouh” in 2014, in addition to the movie “Ghosts of Europe”, in addition to her appearance as a guest of honor with her real personality in the films “Bahr al-Nujum”, “Good and Blessing”. “.

Ramses Paris movie

It is noteworthy that the French artist, BB Nasseri, announced that he was deceived by director Ahmed Khaled Moussa and producer Raymond Ramses, after his image was exploited for the scenes that were filmed in the movie “Ramses Paris” and he did not receive his wages for these scenes.

Nasseri indicated in a video he posted on YouTube that he had contacted the legal advisor, Yasser Kantoush, his lawyer, to take all legal measures against director Ahmed Khaled Moussa and producer Raymond Ramses.

Nasseri blew up a big surprise during the video when he announced that he was surprised by his appearance in the teaser for the movie “Ramses Paris”, in which he participated and did not receive his dues, just like the company executing the film in France and its team who did not receive their dues, which forced them to pursue the company that produced the film with many communications. Inside France and also in Egypt.

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