Saturday’s events in Canada and globally

Thousands of protests across France against the introduction of the COVID-19 health pass
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Saturday's events in Canada

Thousands marched Saturday in French cities to protest the COVID-19 health permit, now necessary for restaurants, cafes, cultural venues, sports arenas and distance journeys.

For a sixth straight Saturday, opponents attacked their freedom as restriction. Many attacked the policy, alleging that the French Government made immunizations indirectly compulsory.

In Paris, four distinct groups coordinated demonstrations and more than 200 protests in French cities and cities. More than 200,000 marchers went out last week.

The pass indicates that someone has been fully vaccinated, had a recent negative test or has evidence of a recent recuperation of COVID-19. The law also required vaccinations for French health professionals by Sept. 15.

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Despite the rallies, polls revealed that most French citizens are in favor of the health pass. Millions have been vaccinated for the first time since the move was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on 12 July.

France has recorded a high number of illnesses since last month – around 22,000 daily, a statistic that has remained consistent over the previous week.

Over 47 million people have received at least one vaccine injection in France or 70.2% of the population, with more than 40.5 million or 60.5% fully immunized.

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