School for Celeb Kids 2021

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King Meghan
“We both felt the first day of Aspen at her new school,” the former star of Orange County’s Real Housewives posted via Instagram. “She refused to wear her uniform a few days ago, put her shoes in or go into her school. She was not only brave today but excited by SO.”

School for Celeb Kids

Decker Jessie James
“Our Vivianne is a 2nd grader, of course,” commented the country artist on social networks. “I’m very proud of our baby girl and of what a wonderful young lady she grows into.”

Haylie Duff Duff
“Happy first day back to school!” wrote Instagram the actress. “Ry’s a 1st grader officially! You’re crying, I’m not crying. #backtoschool.”

School for Celeb Kids

Mitchell Beverley
“Everybody feels like we’re sending the youngsters away to their first day of school!” posted Instagram’s 7th Heaven Star. “A bit apprehensive and enthusiastic. I put things together and instead of worrying, we discovered the pieces in which we felt comfortable and there were cherished objects… We’re extremely proud of these children! Enjoy the first day of school and express love to all the parents! We got this! We got this! #firstdayofschool #weareback #1stgrad #3rdgrades #backtoschool. #firstdayofschool”

Maynard Emily
“On the first day of school, I cry every year without fail,” posted Member of the Bachelor Nation on Instagram. “Today, I dropped my two oldest boys with the same tears at JK and K, but with an even heavier heart than every mother in the world who has no such privilege. Praying for Gods the greatest peace not only in my town but in aching hearts in this shattered globe. Be the light, my boys! Be the light!”

School for Celeb Kids

Decker Eric
The former NFL player poses for a first day of a school photograph before his daughter Vivianne goes into the second grade.

Floyd Cory Wharton & Cheynne
“I can’t believe that the day is here,” Cory wrote alongside his daughter on Instagram. “Today, Ryder began her first school day. Most children cry out to say goodbye to parents, Ryders are really thrilled about school, so I want her to be. I’m very pleased to be @thatsryderk your father. I always tell everyone you altered my life and you don’t even know my life for the best. Love you girl. Love you girl.”

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