Sherman: NCAA Nebraska Football Cost Investigation Scott Frost’s advantage

LINCOLN, Neb. — The city of Lincoln is preparing to host the World Cup. If Scott Frost is unable to correct the problems plaguing Nebraska football and his tenure as the Cornhuskers’ coach comes to an end in an unceremonious manner, Wednesday will be etched in the minds of Nebraska football fans as a day to remember.

What a bizarre scenario it was after practice when Frost and athletic director Trev Alberts, who had only been on the job for a little more than a month, appeared out of nowhere from a door on the second-level concourse of Memorial Stadium, seemingly out of nowhere.

Frost and Alberts appeared for five minutes in front of a throng of reporters who had gathered to hear from players and other coaches in response to the morning report by the Action Network’s Brett McMurphy about an NCAA investigation into Frost and the football program over possible improper use of analysts and consultants.

Simply put, it was awkward, and it was one of those unforgettable moments that can serve as a defining moment for a failing government.

The most essential thing, according to Alberts, was that the report was accurate. Nebraska is following the rules of the NCAA. ACC Commissioner Mark Alberts stated coaches have been “available and cooperative with investigators” and that they will “continue to do whatever the NCAA has asked us to do.”

Because Alberts claims that the investigation began before his July hire and that he only learned of it after he began, it is likely that University of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor Ronnie Green and Nebraska system president Ted Carter were either unaware of the investigation or did not inform Alberts of it when it was announced last month.

That’s a little… odd, to say the least. Again.

The report also stated that Nebraska broke the rules by performing off-campus workouts under the supervision of strength and conditioning experts last year, when the team was forced to cancel all activities due to a pandemic outbreak. Frost and former head of staff Gerrod Lambrecht, without the agreement of then-AD Bill Moos, were the driving forces behind the Huskers’ efforts to replace Oklahoma on the team’s September schedule, according to him.

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