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Netflix’s You spent a second week at the top of the streaming TV chart — though it fell off a little bit in the week after its fourth season premiered. New Amsterdam also put up more strong numbers on Netflix and Peacock, and The Woman King performed solidly in its streaming debut.

You had 1.47 billion minutes of viewing time for the week of Feb. 13-19, a 15 percent dip from the prior week when season four debuted (despite having three more days to accumulate viewing).

The recently concluded NBC drama New Amsterdam, which streams on both Netflix and Peacock, was the top acquired series with 1.05 billion minutes of watch time — its third week topping a billion minutes. Nielsen also says the show was the most watched acquired series for the full month of February, with 4.6 billion minutes of viewing. For both the week and the month, it finished just ahead of The Last of Us on HBO Max, which had 943 million minutes for the week and 4.4 billion for all of February. (Streaming tallies for The Last of Us don’t include linear viewing on HBO’s cable channels.)

South Park also made its debut on the acquired show charts, drawing 566 million minutes of viewing on HBO Max.

The Woman King, which premiered on Netflix on Feb. 16, pulled in 753 million minutes of viewing for the week — the equivalent of about 5.58 million full runs of the 135-minute film. It placed second in the movie rankings to Netflix’s rom-com Your Place or Mine.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for Feb. 13-19 are below.


1. You (Netflix), 1.47 billion minutes viewed
2. New Amsterdam (Netflix/Peacock), 1.05 billion
3. Your Place or Mine (Netflix), 955 million
4. The Last of Us (HBO Max), 943 million
5. NCIS (Netflix), 867 million
6. Cocomelon (Netflix), 833 million
7. The Woman King (Netflix), 753 million
8. Bluey (Disney+), 734 million
9. The Walking Dead (Netflix), 727 million
10. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 700 million

Original Series

1. You, 1.47 billion minutes
2. Perfect Match (Netflix), 476 million
3. Full Swing (Netflix), 474 million
4. Physical: 100 (Netflix), 468 million
5. Love Is Blind (Netflix), 462 million
6. Poker Face (Peacock), 422 million
7. Ginny & Georgia (Netflix), 410 million
8. My Dad the Bounty Hunter (Netflix), 372 million
9. Wednesday (Netflix), 325 million
10. Outer Banks (Netflix), 282 million

Acquired Series

1. New Amsterdam, 1.05 billion minutes
2. The Last of Us, 943 million
3. NCIS, 867 million
4. Cocomelon, 833 million
5. Bluey, 734 million
6. The Walking Dead, 727 million
7. Grey’s Anatomy, 700 million
8. South Park (HBO Max), 566 million
9. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 528 million
10. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 520 million

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