The best new Egyptian films 2022 (comedy – romance – action)

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Many cinema lovers in Egypt and the Arab world are looking for the best new Egyptian films 2022, because Egyptian cinema is one of the most important pioneers of art in the Arab world.

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In the following lines, “Al Intilaaqah News” lists for you the best new Egyptian films 2022, comedies – romances – action.

A movie of grace and grace

The movie “Fadl and Nima” is considered one of the best new Egyptian films 2022, as a number of the brightest stars participate in it, most notably:

Hind Sabri. Majed Al-Kedwany. Yasmina Al-Abd. Mahmoud Hafez. Written by Ayman Wattar. Directed by Ramy Imam. Produced by Ahmed Al-Ganaini.

Al-Kadwani presents the role of a restaurant owner called “Fadl and Nima”, who is exposed to many funny situations, and events take place in the restaurant, while the artist, Hind Sabry, embodies the role of Naima.

Film Nabil Gemayel

And the movie “Nabil El-Gamil, a beautician” is considered one of the best Egyptian comedies of 2022, and the work was written by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mahrez and directed by Khaled Marei and starring Mohamed Heneidy, Nour Al-Lebanese, Mohamed Salam, Rahma Ahmed, Mahmoud Hafez, Yasser El-Tobgy, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Mohamed Radwan. , Mohamed El Sawy, Madeleine Tabar, Shima El Sharif and a number of other young artists.

The events take place in a comic framework, and Heneidy embodies the personality of a plastic doctor named Nabil, and many comic paradoxes occur between him and the Lebanese Nour, and it is considered one of the best Egyptian films 2022.

Shalaby movie

The Shalaby movie achieved great revenues, as it is considered one of the best Egyptian films 2022 comedy, as its story revolves in a comic framework around the young man “Sab”, who is played by the artist Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and he works in one of the horror houses in the cabarets, and Saber experiences interesting events when he designs a doll called The name is “Shalabi” and he begins to prepare for her show. He also meets Robbie during work events, and a love story develops between them.

Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and the popular singer Abdel Basset Hammouda recently released a new promotional song for Shalaby’s movie, titled “Where is the Laugh”, which brings them together for the first time.

A number of the brightest stars will participate in Shalaby’s movie, most notably:

Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz. Ruby. Bayoumi Fouad. Mohamed Mahmoud. Hatem Salah. Suleiman Eid. Written by Mostafa Hamdy. Story and directed by Peter Mimi. Egyptian films 2022 Show date: January 4, 2023. Work category: Egyptian films 2023 comedies Film duration: 105 minutes Film at gunpoint

And recently, the movie “At Gunpoint” was shown in cinemas, as it is one of the latest new Egyptian films 2022, and co-starring Hassan Al-Raddad, Mai Omar, Sherine Reda, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Bayoumi Fouad, Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, Hala Al-Saeed, Juri. Bakr, Ahmed Bedir, written by Ayman Bahgat Qamar, and directed by Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hamaki.

Egyptian films 2022

Its events revolve, within a framework of excitement and suspense, around a murder in which Al-Raddad is accused, and the circumstances of the crime are searched for.

Egyptian films 2023 action

The film “19 B” is also considered one of the best new Egyptian films of 2022, as it won the International Federation of Critics’ Committee Award for Fipressi, while the film’s director of photography, Mustafa Al-Kashef, won the Henry Barakat Award for Best Artistic Contribution, within the international competition of the Cairo International Film Festival.

The movie “19 B” starring a number of the brightest stars, most notably:

Syed Ragab. Ahmed Khaled Saleh. Nahed El Sebaei. Fadwa Abed. Magdy Atwan. Maher Khamis. Written and directed by Ahmed Abdullah. Egyptian movies 2023 action

Fans of excitement, suspense, and action are awaiting the screening of the brilliant Lebanese artist’s film, always in the world of Egyptian cinema, and breaking records with her glamorous beauty.

The story of the movie “Ramses Paris” revolves around a light comic about a piece of hashish on which a certain spell has been read, and whoever drinks from it finds himself in another country. After the action heroes gather in France, they decide to form a gang to steal the Mona Lisa painting from the Louvre Museum while they are in disguise.

A number of the brightest stars will participate in the film Ramses Paris, most notably: Haifa Wehbe, Mustafa Khater, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Muhammad Tharwat, Muhammad Salam, Mahmoud Hafez, Aws Aws, Samira Makroun, written by Karim Hassan Bashir, and produced and directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa and Raymond Ramses. .

Airing date: April 21, 2023. Work classification: Egyptian films 2023, action comedy, watching time: 105 approx. Egyptian films 2022 comedies

A number of major stars participate in the movie “Group Al Mamiz”, most notably:

Ruby. Yousra El-Lawzy, Reem Mostafa. Mahmoud Hafez. Darren Haddad. Written by Ihab Blebel. And directed by Amr Salah. The best Egyptian films 2022

The work is considered one of the best Egyptian films 2022, as its idea revolves around a light comic framework around the idea of ​​the Mamiz Group, which is being established among mothers in schools to follow up on the news of their children.

“Two for Rent” is the most interesting movie and one of the latest Egyptian comedies of 2022. He is participating in the movie “Two for Rent”, starring a number of the brightest stars, most notably:

Bayoumi Fouad. Mohammed Tharwat. Raniya Yousif. Mirhan Hussein. Byblos wealth. Esaad Younes. Nahed El Sebaei. It was written by Muhammad Al-Qawashti. Directed by Shady Ali.

The story of “Two for Rent” is based on more than one story, similar to the movie “200 pounds”, where it depends on the presence of a guest artist of honor, who plays the starring role of the story, and the guests of honor are considered the password in the events of the movie, which takes place in a comic and suspense framework.

Egyptian movies 2022

The movie Kaira Wal Jinn is considered one of the best Egyptian films 2022, as the work monitors an important era in the history of Egypt during the 1919 revolution, as the work deals with the reality of Egyptian society during the period of the British occupation during the 1919 revolution, through heroes who fought bold battles and sacrifices for independence, to unfold For the younger generations, how much Egyptians love their country and their land.

Egyptian films 2022

The movie “Kira Wal Jinn” stars a number of the brightest stars, most notably:

Karim Abdulaziz. Ahmed Ezz. Syed Ragab. Hind Sabri. Ahmed Malik. Ahmed Kamal. Ali Qassem. Mohammed Abd Aladim. Arefa Abdel Rasool. Screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Mourad. And directed by Marwan Hamed.

The events deal with the life of a man who goes through two love stories, and flounders in his life between two girls, and shows the difference in the sincerity of the expression of love between a man and a woman.

I love you movie

He is participating in the movie “I Love You”, which is considered one of the best romantic Egyptian films of 2022, and a number of the most prominent stars are participating in it:

Tamer Hosny. here ascetic. Medhat Ismail. Huda Mufti. Hamdi Al-Mirghani. Amr Sahsah Ahmed Azmy. Al-Shater testified. Alia Rashid. Directed by Tamer Hosny.

While the movie “The Mazinger Plan” is considered one of the best Egyptian films 2022, where Yasmine Rais, within the events of the movie The Mazinger Plan, embodies the character “Faten”, a strong, spontaneous popular girl, who falls into some kind of trouble, so that many exciting comic situations happen to her.

Egyptian films 2022

The movie “The Mazinger Plan” starring:

Jasmine Chief. Hamdi Al-Marghani. Mahmoud Hafez. Bayoumi Fouad. Os Os. Sky Ibrahim. Mustafa Saafan. Written by Muhammad Ismail Amin, Walid Khairy. And directed by Ramy Rizkallah. It is produced by AKA Raymond Ramses and Ahmed Khaled Moussa. One more movie

One of the best comedy films that were shown within the Egyptian 2022 comedy films, where its story takes place in a comic framework, during which Helmy embodies two characters within its events, co-starring Ahmed Helmy, Amr Abdel Galil, Mahmoud Hafez, Sayed Ragab, Ruby, Nisreen Amin. Written by Haitham Dabour, and directed by Mohamed Shaker Khudair.

The story of the movie “Wahid Tani” takes place in a comic framework, during which Helmy embodies two characters, where Ruby embodies within the work events the character of a working girl named Fairouz, and at the end of the events she marries Ahmed Helmy after a love story between them.

Uncle’s movie

And the movie “Their Uncle” is considered one of the best Egyptian films of 2022 action, which contains a dose of action, as the film takes place in a framework of movement and comedy. out of trouble.

A number of the brightest stars will participate in the movie “Their Uncle”, most notably:

Muhammad Adel Imam. Mohamed Salam. Huda Mufti. Ayten Amer. Syed Ragab. Mohamed Lotfy. Bassem Samra. Riyadh El-Khouli. Mohammed Tharwat. Ahmed Khaled Saleh. Written by Wissam Sabry. And directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi. Egyptian movies 2022

And the movie “Ghosts of Europe” is considered one of the best Egyptian films 2022, as its story revolves around the existence of a conflict with a criminal gang that trades in antiquities, and it is confronted by three parties combined in the artists Haifa Wehbe, Mustafa Khater and Ahmed Al-Fishawy, confronted by the artist Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, who embodies the personality of the gang leader, While Bassem Samra plays a pivotal role in confronting the two parties for his personal interest, and is considered one of the best Egyptian comedic films 2022.

Ghosts of Europe starring:

Haifa Wehbe. Ahmed Al-Fishawy. Mustafa Khater. Bassem Samra. Abbas Abu Al-Hassan. Karim Farouk’s story. Screenplay and dialogue by Amin Gamal, Muhammad Abu Al-Saad, and Sherif Yousry. It is directed by Mohamed Hamaki. Egyptian films 2022 romantic

The actress, Yasmine Raees, announced the date of the screening of the movie “I am for my Love”, which is considered one of the best Egyptian comedies, with star Karim Fahmy and a number of major stars co-starring, written by Mahmoud Zahran, and directed by Hadi El-Bagoury.

The story of the movie “I Am for My Love” revolves around Egyptian comedies, in a romantic social angle, during which Karim Fahmy embodies the role of a novelist, and with the succession of events he lives a love story with Yasmine Raees, who belongs to a middle social class, and they fight many conflicts together.

A number of the brightest stars, most notably:

Karim Fahmy. Jasmine Chief. Sawsan Badr. Bayoumi Fouad. Ahmed Malik. Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi. Mohsen Mohieldin. Written by Mahmoud Zahran. Directed by Hadi El Bagoury.

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