The “shoe accident” cost Nike two billion dollars

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A shoe produced by the giant company, which was worn by the Duke University player, who is nominated to move to the “NBA” professional league, Zion Williamson, exploded 40 seconds after the start of the confrontation against North Carolina.

The shoe was completely and clearly torn while Williamson was leaning on his foot, causing him to slip and injure his knee, according to scenes shown by ESPN, which broadcast the match.

And the player left, unable to walk properly, without returning to the field again, in a shock that exceeded the strong competition between the two arch-rival universities.

Shares of “Nike” fell by more than 1 percent in trading on the day of the accident, which led to the company losing about $ 2.06 billion of the company’s market value.

A Nike spokesperson said, “The quality and performance of our products is of the utmost importance. Although it is an isolated incident, we are trying to understand what happened,” according to Business Insider.

Matt Powell, a senior advisor to the “NBD” market research company, said that sports shoes have always been exposed to problems, “but not to such an obvious extent,” while social networking sites swept a wave of anger and harsh criticism against the American company.

In turn, former US President Barack Obama, who attended the match with other celebrities, tweeted, “Zion Williamson looks like a great young man and an exceptional basketball player at the same time. I hope he recovers quickly.”

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