The Swarm movie, its story, its heroes, and its release date in 2023

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Many audiences are waiting for the screening of the movie Al-Swarm, starring Ahmed El-Sakka, Hind Sabry, Aser Yassin, Sherif Mounir, and a number of the brightest stars, and it was written by Omar Abdel Halim and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal.

The date of the screening of the movie The Swarm, the story of the movie The Swarm

The story of the film The Swarm revolves around the incident of the massacre of 21 Egyptians in Libya and the army’s response to these terrorist groups. The film deals with real facts and the work of the security authorities against that.

The heroes of the squadron movie

A number of the brightest stars will participate in the movie Al-Swarm, most notably:

Ahmed El Sakka. Hind Sabri. Asser Yassin. Sharif Mounir. Amr Abdel Galil. Qusay al-Khouli. Ahmed Hatem. Karim Fahmy. Written by Omar Abdel Halim. And directed by Ahmed Nader Galal. Produced by Synergy Corporation. The date of the screening of the squadron movie

The launch learned that the movie “The Swarm”, starring Ahmed El-Sakka and a number of the brightest stars, is scheduled to be shown during the Eid Al-Fitr season.

During the events of the film, Al-Sakka embodies a character called Ali Al-Masry, and he will cooperate with armed groups and smuggle oil outside Libya in order to obtain funds, and with the succession of events he will enter into many conflicts with them, as the artist Muhammad Mamdouh embodies the personality of an ISIS terrorist who falls in the face of Ahmed Al-Sakka. during the events of the movie.

The events of the movie The Swarm deals with a true story about the air strike carried out by the Air Force in Libya against ISIS. It discusses the issue of terrorism in a comprehensive manner that reveals its mysteries, and deals with facts and definitions about terrorism, identity and sacrifices for the homeland and revenge, and other messages that the author works on. The film revolves around more than one axis, including events that took place in Libya, and others that affect Egyptian security, and the extent to which security institutions are able to deter and be present internally and externally. The heroes of the squadron movie

It is worth noting that the artist, Mounir, said in a telephone interview on the “Last Word” program presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, on “ON” channel: This evening, Monday, “I love this type of roles and films because through them I tell people that I love Egypt, and these are the moments that we show.” It contains love for Egypt and my feeling for my country and the new Egypt that we are living in now, which is witnessing the achievement of successful, important and great steps characterized by stability and confidence.

In a related context, the artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, signed a contract with the movie Hymns of the Devil, starring Ahmed El-Sakka, Khaled El-Nabawy, Mustafa Shaaban, Mona Zaki, Amina Khalil, Diab and a number of the brightest stars, written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir.

The movie “The Spider” starring Ahmed El-Sakka, actress Mona Zaki, Zafer El-Abidin, Yousra El-Lawzy, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Zaki Fateen Abdel-Wahhab, Reem Mustafa and Mahmoud Gharib, and a number of guests of honor, will be shown to El-Sakka in cinemas, directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, and written by Mohamed Nayer. .

Swarm movie

The star Ahmed El-Sakka revealed the official promotional poster for his new series “War”, consisting of 10 episodes, which he is currently filming for the upcoming Ramadan show, on ON channel and written by Hany Sarhan, directed by Ahmed Nader Galal, and produced by Synergy Company, where El-Sakka issued the poster and appeared. With him is the artist Mohamed Farrag.

In another context, Al-Sakka appears as a guest of honor in the series Al-Kabeer Oy 7 with the star Ahmed Makki, which is scheduled to be shown in the month of Ramadan exclusively on ON channel, and the work is produced by Synergy Company, written by Mustafa Saqr, Muhammad Ezz El-Din, and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.

It is noteworthy that the last work of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, the series “Choice 3”, starring Ahmed El-Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz, Yasser Jalal, Khaled El-Sawy, Sabry Fawaz, Jamal Suleiman, Mohamed Riyad, Eman El-Assi, Hedy Karam, Samar Morsi, Nour Mahmoud, Khaled Zaki, Mona Abdel-Ghany, Moufid Ashour, Nadia Rashad, Amir Al-Masry, Mahmoud El-Bazzawy, written by Hani Sarhan, directed by Peter Mimi, produced by Synergy, and the movie Al-Swarm is awaiting screening.

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