WATCH: Mississippi State coach Mike Leach opines on Thanksgiving food, reveals his ideal plate

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With a 56-7 blowout victory over East Tennessee State in the books, the next objective for Mike Leach and his Mississippi State Bulldogs will be their regular-season finale on Thanksgiving Day in the Egg Bowl against Ole Miss. But first comes Thanksgiving dinner itself — something that Leach, true to form, has his opinions on.

Speaking after his team’s victory Saturday, Leach gave the latest in his series of food takes by opining on Thanksgiving food, focusing specifically on his gravy-making skills and what it pairs with.

“I always make the gravy, and I do make great gravy. I’m not a big cook guy, haven’t been, but I’ve made the gravy for decades,” Leach said. “I always get white meat, a little stuffing — not too much — lots of mashed potatoes, gravy over everything. Hopefully they have greens — they generally don’t. Corn or green beans. Never sweet potatoes. And I like cream pies better than any of this pumpkin apple stuff.”

Leach’s takes on Thanksgiving Day food are true to form, as the head coach of the Bulldogs has been known to share his opinions on food in the past. Last year, Leach spoke at length about his preferences in Halloween candy and his disdain for candy corn, then later shared his distaste for pineapple on pizza.

Once Leach’s Thanksgiving Day feast is finished, his next objective will be to finish the 2022 regular season on a high note in the Egg Bowl against Ole Miss. The Bulldogs’ beatdown of East Tennessee State improved them to 7-4 on the season.

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