With Daniel Dae Kim, Tony Goldwyn, and Harry Hamlin, the cast of ‘Hot Zone: Anthrax’ (VIDEO)

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National Geographic’s The Hot Zone anthology series delves into real-life stories of deadly outbreaks and the heroes on the frontlines in Anthrax. Season 2 is inspired by the shocking true events that occurred after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001 .Five people were killed, and widespread fear was sparked by a second attack: anthrax letters. The poison was aimed at politicians and media figures, but it was also used on others.

FBI Special Agent and scientist Matthew Ryker (TV veteran Daniel Dae Kim of Lost, in his first starring role on television) is the lead investigator in this six-episode limited series. The character is a composite of the hundreds of agents who raced against the clock to crack the case and stop any further deaths.

A lot of twists and turns were taken in the investigation, according to Kim, who tells us. For him, the show’s depiction of the bureau’s large-scale, real-world efforts to track down leads was fascinating. That we were talking about people who had died and whose lives had been affected meant a great deal to me. “

Dr. Bruce Ivins (Tony Goldwyn), an anthrax researcher for the defense department, is breaking down under the weight of responsibility. “Bruce became enthralled with this investigation.” His mental illness is gradually revealed as the series progresses. Goldwyn says, “His whole world begins to disintegrate.”

The series also depicts the victims as well. To play Tom Brokaw, Harry Hamlin listened to all his books, watched news broadcasts and speeches, and immersed himself in total immersion.

High stakes and excellent acting make this a must-see. Check out our interview with the cast here!

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